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  SAT2,亦称SATII,或SAT Subject,是美国大学录取应届高中生时采用的学业水平考试。SAT2考试采用全球统一试卷,因此其成绩具有全球可比性,是衡量不同地区学生的学业水平的重要参考,在录取实际操作过程中往往替代高中成绩单。不同于SAT的综合能力测试,SAT2是一种专项水平测试,考察学生某一科目的水平。目前SAT2的科目分为数学、科学、语言、英语、历史与社会科学五大类。其中数学类有数学一和数学二两门,科学类有物理、化学、生物三门,语言类有法语、德语、西班牙语、中文、日语、韩语、希伯莱语、拉丁语等十二门,英语类只有英语文学一门;历史与社会科学类有美国历史和世界历史两门。以上加起来共计二十门考试。目前北美地区每年有7次考试,分别在1月,3月,5月,6月,10月,11月,12月的第一个周六;世界其他地区3月没有考试,其他6次考试时间与北美相同。





  Step 1:阅读第二个方框的第二行找claim;

  Step 2:快速阅读文章,了解文章大意;

  Step 3:逐段阅读,分析相关信息点,并且做好相关批注(识别-作用);

  Step 4:筛选信息点,合并同类项;

  Step 5:开头段写作(观点+分析元素);

  Step 6:中间段写作(识别+内容+分析);

  Step 7:结尾段写作(分析元素+观点);

  Step 8:检查。









  1. 开头

  * The arguer may be right about …, but he seems to neglect (fail) to mention (take into account) that fact that…

  * As opposed to (Contrary to) widely (commonly/generally) held (accepted) belief (ideas/views), I believe (argue that…

  * Although many people believe that …, I doubt (wonder) whether the argument bears much analysis (close examination).

  * The advantages of B outweigh any benefit we gained from (carry more weight than those of / are much greater than) A.

  * Although it is commonly (widely / generally) held (felt / accepted / agreed) that …, it is unlikely to be true that…

  * There is an element of truth in this argument (statement), but it ignores a deeper and more basic (important / essential) fact (reason) that…

  * The main (obvious / great) problem (flaw / drawback) with (in) this argument (view / remark) is that it is ignorant of (blind to) the basic (bare) fact that …

  * It would be possible (natural / reasonable) to think (believe / take the view) that…, but it would be absurd (wrong) to claim (argue) that …

  * In all the discussion and debate over…, one important (basic) fact is generally overlooked (neglected).

  * There is absolutely (in fact) no (every) reason for us to believe (accept / resist / reject) that…

  * Logical (Valid / Sound) as this argument and I wholeheartedly agree with it, it appears insignificant (absurd) when … is taken into consideration (account).

  * To assume (suggest) that … is far from being proved (to miss the point).

  * A close (careful) inspection (examination / scrutiny) of this argument would reveal how flimsy (groundless / fallacious) it is.

  * What the arguer fails to understand (consider /mention) is that…

  2. 正文

  * Although the popular belief is that…, a current (new / recent) study (survey / poll / investigation) indicates (shows / demonstrates) that…

  * Common sense tells us that… The increase (change / failure / success) in… mainly (largely / partly) results from (arises from / is because of)…

  * The increase (change / failure /success) in … is due to (owing to / attributable to) the fact that…

  * Many people would claim that… One may attribute (ascribe / owe) the increase (decrease / change) to …, but … is not by itself an adequate explanation.

  * One of the reasons given for … is that… What is also worth noticing is that…

  * There are many (different / several / a number of / a variety of) causes (reasons) for this dramatic (marked / significant) growth (change /decline / increase) in .. First,… Second,… Finally,…

  * It gives rise to (lead to / bring / create) a host of problems (consequences).

  * There are numerous reasons why …, and I shall here explore only a few of the most important ones.

  * It will exert (have / produce) profound (far-reaching / remarkable / considerable / beneficial / favorable / undesirable / disastrous) effect (influence) on…

  * A multitude of factors could account for (contribute to / lead to / result in / influence) the change (increase / decrease / success/ failure / development) in…

  * In 1999, it increased (rose / jumped / shot up) from 5 to 10 percent of the total (to 15 percent / by 15 percent).

  * By comparison with 1998, it decreased (dropped / fell) from 10 to 5 percent (to 15 percent / by 15 percent).

  * It account for 15 percent of the total.

  * There were 100 traffic accidents in April, and increase of 5 percent in a five-month period.

  3. 结尾

  * From what has been discussed above (Taking into account all these factors / Judging from all evidence offered), we may safely draw (reach / come to / arrive at) the conclusion that…

  * All the evidence (analysis) supports (justifies / confirms / warrants / points to) a(n) unshakable (unmistakable / sound / just) conclusion that …

  * It is high time that we place (lay / put) great ( special / considerable) emphasis on the improvement (development / increase / promotion) of…

  * It is high time that we put an end to the deep-seated (unhealthy / undesirable / deplorable) situation (tendency / phenomenon) of…

  * There is no easy (immediate / effective) solution ( approach / answer / remedy) to the problem of …, but … might be useful (helpful / beneficial).

  * Following these methods (suggestions) may not guarantee the success in (solution to)…, but the pay-off will be worth the effort. Obviously (Clearly / No doubt), if we ignore (are blind to) the problem, there is every chance that…

  * Unless there is a common realization of (general commitment to)…, it is very likely (the chances are good) that…

  * There is little doubt (no denying) that serous (special / adequate / immediate /further) attention must be called (paid / devoted) to the problem of …

  * It is hoped (suggested / recommended) that great (continuous / persistent / sustained / corporate) efforts should be make to control (check / halt / promote) the growth (increase / rise) of …

  * Anyhow, wider (more) education (publicity) should be given to the possible (potential / grave / serious / pernicious) consequences (effects) of…

  * For these reasons, I strongly recommend that… For the reasons given above, I feel that…









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